history of DiamonD

Before there was DiamonD there was Anna “Jane” Parker in [HUSH].  Jane was just 14 when she was forced into the life of prostitution and sex-trafficking by whom she thought was her “boyfriend” after he takes her to a frat house party, introduces her as “Diamond”, spikes her drink then prostitutes her as she’s passed out in an upstairs bedroom.  Both Jane and her alter ego “Diamond” quickly spiral into a dark and disturbing world plagued by violence, torture and rape, and none other than, by the very hands of her spineless pimp and now ex-boyfriend and his two ruthless cousins whom together proved, that for a girl like her, there was no escape until she learned the truth that it wasn’t her pimp and his cousins’ notion to prostitute her but rather her father’s. But that so-called “truth” soon turns into a lie when Jane has a chance encounter in [HUSHED] with a Czechoslovakian Pimpboss who claims Jane as his “stolen property” after Jane runs away from her father and his prostitution business.  When it is disclosed to Jane that her father isn’t her biological father and that her family isn’t her real family, Jane in turn asks for her freedom to which the Pimpboss agrees based on one condition:  that Jane return to her so-called “father” for the purpose of finding out where the next auction of girls is to take place so that he can bring him down for the insult and the deception.  Jane agrees despite knowing the consequences that await her if she returns; consequences that nearly thrust her into a life of sexual slavery indefinitely after she’s sent to a brothel and held captive in a cage beneath the Arizona desert but soon escapes when an opportunity presents itself thus setting her and the other girls held captive free.  The Pimpboss making good on his promise, liberates Jane after the auction is raided and he takes his revenge.  But things take a drastic turn for the worse in [JANE.] when Jane takes a trip to New Orleans to confront the Pimpboss about the nightmare she had been having which involved the execution of her ex-Pimpboss and the pimps responsible for prostituting and trafficking her.  But during the confrontation, Jane unearths a couple of startling secrets:  one, the execution was a decoy to give Jane peace of mind from the actual truth that her ex-Pimpboss had received an inside tip about the raid which gave him and his men ample time to escape.  And two, the Czechoslovakian Pimpboss actually turned out to be Jane’s biological father by way of a piece of clothing that was on Jane’s person; a piece of clothing that the Pimpboss had recognized straightaway.  As it was the same piece of clothing that was gifted to Jane by a close family friend when she was just a baby, just months before she was abducted.  But before Jane and her father and her mother – who works as a Canadian field agent and who just so happened to walk into Jane and the Pimpboss’s conversation – could rejoice in the unexpected reunion, Jane’s new life is ambushed upon thus setting off a chain of events which include an abduction that thrusts her back into the life of prostitution; a romance with one of the young men assigned by her ex-Pimpboss to watch over her; allying with her ex-pimp boyfriend and his cousins who help Jane conjure up a plan to take down her ex-Pimpboss after she learns that she had been sold to a Columbian Pimpboss who Jane must convince that the sale was a mistake.  But while in the thick of it, Jane is again ambushed upon and pinned between her ex-Pimpboss and the Columbian.  And while all seems hopeless, including her freedom from a life of sexual slavery, Jane’s father unexpectedly intercedes the sale which quickly turns into a standoff with Jane shooting her ex-Pimpboss with her father ultimately killing him.  It’s after the standoff when Jane learns that her father and the Columbian Pimpboss were not only allies but good friends.  After the disbandment of her ex-Pimpboss’s organization, Jane moves to New Orleans and settles in with her new family and her new life, as well as with, her ex-pimp boyfriend and his cousins who Jane’s father had given asylum to, as well as, a place in his business for their loyalty in helping Jane.  But what seems like a fairytale ending for Jane will prove to be everything but [in DiamonD: Chapter One] when she finds herself caught up in an unconventional affair with one of her ex-pimps while dealing with personal struggles and demons questioning her past, and lastly, confronting an in-house deception orchestrated by her father that inadvertently leaves Jane stranded in Hollywood; Jane who quickly takes to the streets as “DiamonD”, a renegade prostitute with a simple agenda of injuring her father for injuring her – which unbeknownst to Jane – leads her into becoming Hollywood’s top Pimpboss.